Associate Webinar Series: Tecwill

February 11, 2021 @ GoTo Webinar

Associate Webinar Series: Tecwill

Greener Concrete Production for Improved Profitability

This webinar will feature key information for greener concrete production including accurate weighing, moisture control and temperature control for the optimization of every batch. Register and join the discussion on how these methods improve profitability and how to make greener concrete work for you.

Tecwill specializes in modular and relocatable concrete plants suitable for cold areas. Their world leading technology provides significant savings in energy consumption and production costs and reduces CO2 emissions of plants.


Our speaker, Derek Brown has been involved in the concrete industry since 1999, and his primary focus has been in the sales of concrete batch controllers and concrete plants. His background includes numerous sales courses, including the Canadian Professional Sales Association Sales Professional and he has also completed several marketing, public relations, and graphic design courses. Prior to joining the concrete industry, Derek worked in industrial sales since 1980, selling hoses and rubber, die cut parts and foam sealant tapes. His hobbies include photography, golf, fishing, and cars. You may know Derek as the photographer from many of Concrete Ontario’s events, where he is always happy to help out.

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