Engineers’ Certification Course

October 24, 2018 @ Concrete Ontario

In order to increase the credibility of the Plant Certification Program, all Concrete Ontario plant certifications must be completed by a third party independent engineer. Completion of this course qualifies the engineer to “certify” concrete facilities and mobile mixers for membership through the Concrete Ontario Audit and Check List, as well as conduct ECO plant certifications according to the guidelines set forth by the Concrete Ontario Board of Directors.

IN ADDITION, the information in this course is also extremely relevant to concrete producer operations personnel. Concrete Ontario encourages all Active Members to send representatives so that they are aware of the exact requirements of the various Concrete Ontario certification programs.


  1. Additional Requirements: Consulting Engineers shall maintain Errors & Omissions Insurance of not less than 1,000,000 and shall maintain Commercial General Liability Insurance with a limit of coverage of not less than $2,000,000 and shall list Concrete Ontario as an “additional Insured”.
  2. Annual Auditors’ Fee: There is an annual auditors’ fee to be listed on the Concrete Ontario Approved Auditors’ List. Once you have completed the course and are eligible to become a Concrete Ontario Auditing Engineer, you will be invoiced for the Annual Fee.

8:30 am    – Registration & Introduction

8:45 am    – Raw Material Requirements and Material Handling

9:45 am    – Batching and Admixture Dispensing Equipment

10:30 am  – Scale Check Agreement

10:45 am  – Break

11:00 am  – Plant Automation

11:15 am   – Truck & Mobile Mixers, Agitating & Non-Agitating Units

12:00 pm – Lunch (Included)

12:30 pm – Concrete Ticketing System

1:00 pm   – Audit walk-through at a nearby plant

2:45 pm   – Mix Design Statistical Analysis / ECO Plant Certification

4:15 pm    – Written Examination (Closed Book)