Regional Industry Councils (RIC’s)

Update to Regional Marketing Councils

Concrete Ontario Board of Directors approved the following changes to the Regional Marketing Council structure at their April 12th meeting:

Name Change – The Regional Marketing Councils have been renamed “Regional Industry Councils” or RIC’s, to better represent the fact that focus of these meetings is to address industry issues that are specific to the various regions of the province. Marketing may continue to be an activity of these councils; however, it is not their sole purpose.

Reduction of Councils – The new Regional Industry Councils have been reduced from 12 councils down to 5. These five regions also mirror the 5 regional areas that are represented by 5 of the Active members on the Concrete Ontario Board of Directors. Once again, the objective of this change is to ensure that regional industry issues are being addressed by these committees, and the issues that are raised at these committees are directly reported back to the Board of Directors at all board meetings.

Minimum Number of Meetings – At a minimum, all RIC’s will have at least 2 meetings per year, with the intent of conducting all five meetings within a 2 to 3-week period in both the spring and fall. Each RIC can schedule as many additional meetings as they feel are necessary to address the regional issues in their marketplace.

Remote Access to Meetings – Moving forward, the RIC meetings will be held in a location that allows all members to participate either in person or via teleconferencing if you are unable to physically make it to the meeting.Based upon these changes, the Regional Industry Councils will be divided into the following five areas:

These five regions mirror the structure of our existing Board of Directors system for representing the regional issues of our active members. For your information, the following active members are representing these regions on the Concrete Ontario Board of Directors: