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How flexible are the hours? What are my typical hours of work?

How flexible are the hours? What are my typical hours of work?

January 21, 2022

Construction remains one of the most essential occupations in the Ontario economy and is a key economic driver of the financial success of our province and country. Because of this construction work takes place 24 hours a day and seven days per week and major construction projects are divided into multiple shifts and crews to complete this work as quickly as possible.
With that being said, the majority of the construction work is conducted as follows:

  • Typical work week is from Monday to Friday with occasional projects taking place on Saturdays
  • Non-standard construction projects (i.e. major infrastructure / road projects or plant shut-down work) can have multiple construction shifts outside these normal hours, including evening / nights for some producers
  • While MTO driver requirements limit the maximum length of any shift to 14 hours, Concrete Producers can work with drivers to accommodate work needs as required.

Typical hours of work vary by hiring producer.

Here are some examples for typical hours of work as published in some of our hiring members’ job postings:

Example 1: Variation of scheduled start and end times (start times 6:00AM to 9:00AM) and end (6:00PM to 9:00PM)

Example 2: Typical business hours are 5am-7pm operations. Hours worked may fluctuate based on customer demand, time of year (summer vs winter) and rank on seniority list.

Check out the Concrete Delivery Professional job postings on the Concrete Ontario career board ( for more specifics based on the hiring producer.

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