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Build Your Life with a Concrete Career! Active Producer Member Job Postings

Concrete Ontario wants to assist Active (Producer) Members in bringing attention to career postings or upcoming career fairs within their company. This page facilitates contact between Active (Producer) Member employers and career seekers, career changers, students or anyone who is interested in pursuing a rewarding career in ready-mixed concrete. Build Your Life with a Concrete Career!

Ready-Mix Driver

Fisher Wavy is looking for a hard-working, self-motivated employee with a proven record of safety and reliability to fill the position of Truck Driver for Ready Mix Trucks in the Thunder Bay Area. This is a full-time seasonal position with competitive wages and a benefits package.

Company: Fisher Wavy Inc. Region / Location(s): Thunder Bay Closing Date: 30/09/2023 [email protected] Apply By Phone (807) 768-6009

Mechanic (Lead Hand)

The lead mechanic will be responsible for troubleshooting, repairing and performing preventative maintenance on all vehicles/equipment and hand tools within the company’s fleet. The lead mechanic may also be asked to evaluate, prioritize and delegate work among the mechanics.

Company: Fisher Wavy Inc. Region / Location(s): Sudbury Closing Date: 30/09/2023 [email protected] Apply By Phone (705) 674-4291

#WomenAreWelcome & Loving their @Concrete_Careers

“Concrete is a fascinating business because it is a live product. It’s tough but the people here are the best coworkers anyone could ask for. It’s an industry that thrives on teamwork and I think that’s why we love it. I hope to see more women join us in the future because it’s a place to grow and challenge yourself.”

Emma Paulson Emma Portable Operations Manager, Miller Concrete

“I started on September 12, 2012, as a Ready-Mix Driver. In 2014 I became a Plant Operator, in 2016 I joined the Quality Control team as a Technical Services Representative and lastly in 2018 I took on the role of Driver/Production Supervisor for the Waterford, Tillsonburg, Aylmer, and London locations. I enjoy coming to work everyday and being part of an ever growing/changing industry.”

kristinhill2 Kristin Driver/Production Supervisor, Dufferin Concrete a division of CRH Canada

“Being part of an all female-led team to organize and run driver job fairs. While we had other supervisors there to help be part of the process with screening and interviewing, it was an event where women were all the initial faces to be seen in such a predominantly male environment!”

1201652984512217.fP7t09OIojSFnxIYQ8pr_height640 Alanna Metro Region Scheduler, Dufferin Concrete

“The moment that has meant the most to me in this industry was when I became the first female sales rep for CBM. It was a groundbreaking forward-thinking decision that CBM made to put a woman on the road selling concrete. The concrete industry was predominately men and I was faced with the challenge of changing the mindset of women in concrete. The challenge was accepted!”

1201652984512221.tp7Ob9W6zqI9cNM3tKuu_height640 Cathy Sales Rep, St. Marys CBM

“I’m happy to have continuous support from my Foreman and Manager, it goes a long way! Working for Tomlinson made me realize how much I enjoy working in construction.”

1201652984512223.G9nU9ClDkCOhql1Qd6zH_height640 Mckenzie Driver, Tomlinson Ready Mix

“I’ve really enjoyed all the positive interactions I’ve had with crews and Ready-Mix drivers. The company I work for has been great at making me feel welcome in the concrete industry. This is what I see myself doing for the rest of my work life!”

1201652984512219.ygBH4VJWyT6HJZ1Uj0TN_height640 Cassidy Dispatch & Quality Control, Lavis Concrete

“I thought it would be a big transition from being a stay-at-home mom to becoming a working mom. However, I do want to say that I  am truly blessed to be working such a great and supportive team that has made me feel so welcome and successful in their working family, and honestly, I look forward to each and every working day.”

1201652984512225.bO3K7aZ1PlzdHkdO0iVw_height640 Nichole Customer Service Rep, Dufferin Concrete

“Samantha Joined our Health & Safety Team and immediately got to work ensuring we improved the health and safety for all our Ready-Mix drivers. We joined the WSIB’s Safety Group Program and when we were chosen for the WSIB audit we passed with the perfect score!”

samantha-headshot Samantha Health & Safety Coordinator, The Sarjeant Company LTD

“Contributing to the building of a safety culture with a third party aggregate hauler, over a period of 15yrs at one of our mining operations in Northern Ontario. The building of this safety culture as a team resulted in the significant contribution to the site’s safety record, leading to zero to lost time incidents.”

trisha-headshot Trisha Operations Speciallist - Northern oNTARIO, Lafarge Canada Inc.

Build Your Life - Become a Concrete Delivery Professional (CDP)

Connect with Concrete Careers


Essential, Local
& Home Every Night

Construction & Concrete is essential. Ready-mix concrete has a shelf-life of approximately 2 hours, meaning it must be delivered locally. This means you get to do essential work locally in your community. CDPs can expect to be home every night allowing for a crucial work/life balance!

Great Pay & Benefits

Full time day shift schedules, health insurance plans, paid vacations, safety bonuses, and retirement plans are some of the benefits offered in the industry. As seniority levels are achieved, the rewards are drastically increased.

Pride in Project Completion

CDPs help to build cities and can feel a proud sense of accomplishment as projects are completed. Being part of a project from beginning to the end is a memorable experience and few are able to say “I helped to build that”. It is wonderfully Rewarding work building your community and being Part of Local & Exciting Projects.

More than a Driver

Starting off as a CDP, one will quickly evolve into a product expert. Concrete is a very unique and versatile product and dealing with its many performance characteristics every day will help to mould drivers into technical staff. The on-site experience is invaluable for a company and CDPs are at the forefront of ensuring a quality product. As a Concrete Delivery Professional, you are a respected, valued, and critical part of your plant team.

No Crazy Quotas

Are you driving in an industry with intense daily delivery expectations? CDPs deliver on average 3 to 6 loads per full working day with a nice balance of time at the plant, at job sites, and behind the wheel.

An Industry That Cares

The ready-mixed concrete industry cares about Safety, People, Community & The Planet and actively takes action to contribute to all of these. #SafetyMatters #CampOoch

Learn more in the Frequently Asked Questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the minimum requirements to obtain an AZ or DZ license in the province of Ontario?

    According to Drive Test from the Ontario Government (


    Class A

    • At least 18 years old.
    • Valid Class G license or higher.
    • Passing mark on the applicable knowledge test.
    • Mandatory entry-level training must be completed and recorded on your driver’s record prior to the road test
    • Ability to meet vision standards.
    • Satisfactory medical examination report.
    • Passing mark on the applicable road test at DriveTest or from an MTO-recognized authority.

    Class D

    • At least 18 years old.
    • Valid Class G license or higher.
    • Passing mark on the applicable knowledge test.
    • Ability to meet vision standards.
    • Satisfactory medical examination report.
    • Passing mark on the applicable road test at DriveTest or from an MTO-recognized authority.

    For information on the commercial knowledge and road tests, please visit and study the Official MTO Handbook (

    For information on the medical examination report and other listed requirements, please visit

  • How much does AZ/DZ license driver training cost? Where do I receive training?

    If you’d like formal training before taking your AZ/DZ license exam, we’d recommend considering a Truck Training School Association of Ontario (TTSAO) certified-school.

    Choosing a school that is a member of the TTSAO ensures that you will receive a consistent standard level of training. The TTSAO is a recognized professional association within the transportation industry.

    The costs per program vary pending location and school which you can check out here: Getting this type of professional training really gets you well ready for not only your AZ/DZ license exam, but for a rewarding and safe career as a Delivery Professional.

  • How long does driver training take?

    Assuming you already have your AZ/DZ, many producers budget 3 – 4 weeks for by-employer training of drivers on an earn & learn capacity. These programs will vary by hiring producer, so this is a great question to ask for additional details when applying directly with them.

  • Do I need to speak English?

    The rewarding thing about being a Concrete Delivery Professional is that you are more than a driver. You are part of a team. You will be communicating constructively with your team at your concrete plant and you will be communicating productively with the customer on the job site. As such, speaking English is a general requirement of hiring concrete producers in Ontario.

  • Protection when alone on-site/at night?

    To start, to Concrete Ontario and its members, #SafetyMatters. This is an excellent question and definitely worth reading here, as well as discussing with your potential hiring concrete producer.

    If you are a Concrete Delivery Professional, it would be unusual that you would be the last person at your home plant at night. More typically it is the plant superintendent/supervisor/batcher who would be the last person at the site.

    In rural / suburban plant settings, it is typically only for “special” jobs that concrete is poured into the night. In these situations – these special jobs usually involve a lot of people, both from the contractor, as well as the concrete supplier. As such – for these “unusual hour” pours, it would not be the norm that you would ever be alone on site or at the plant.

    In urban city centers, there is much more concrete poured on a 24-hour clock, but again anything “after hours” is usually to special large jobs that would engage many people from the concrete supplier and contractor.

    The concrete industry is committed to safety. This is an excellent question and beyond the general practices / situations described here, it makes sense to ask this question of the potential hiring producer to understand their specific situation details, policies, and support in this regard.

    In addition, many hiring producers have special policies to ensure safety around their plants. Here are some examples to give you an idea, noting this is a great topic to discuss with your hiring producer:

    Example 1 ~ No employees working alone in plants.
    Example 2 – Mandatory buddy system for plant lockups in the evening (usually not involving a Concrete Delivery Professional).

  • What happens if I have a childcare issue during the day (I.e. Sick child at school)

    Processes and policies around personal emergencies and absenteeism from work vary by producer. Our industry generally supports safety and family first.

  • How old will my truck be?

    Age of trucks varies by ready-mix concrete producer. Due to some changes from the MTO related to SPIF laws, many of the older ready-mixed concrete trucks have been taken off the road and replaced with newer models. Typical average age of fleets ranges from brand new models up to 20 years old, noting you should also discuss age of trucks and manual vs automatic transmission with the hiring producer if of concern or important for you.

  • How flexible are the hours? What are my typical hours of work?

    Construction remains one of the most essential occupations in the Ontario economy and is a key economic driver of the financial success of our province and country. Because of this construction work takes place 24 hours a day and seven days per week and major construction projects are divided into multiple shifts and crews to complete this work as quickly as possible.
    With that being said, the majority of the construction work is conducted as follows:

    • Typical work week is from Monday to Friday with occasional projects taking place on Saturdays
    • Non-standard construction projects (i.e. major infrastructure / road projects or plant shut-down work) can have multiple construction shifts outside these normal hours, including evening / nights for some producers
    • While MTO driver requirements limit the maximum length of any shift to 14 hours, Concrete Producers can work with drivers to accommodate work needs as required.

    Typical hours of work vary by hiring producer.

    Here are some examples for typical hours of work as published in some of our hiring members’ job postings:

    Example 1: Variation of scheduled start and end times (start times 6:00AM to 9:00AM) and end (6:00PM to 9:00PM)

    Example 2: Typical business hours are 5am-7pm operations. Hours worked may fluctuate based on customer demand, time of year (summer vs winter) and rank on seniority list.

    Check out the Concrete Delivery Professional job postings on the Concrete Ontario career board ( for more specifics based on the hiring producer.

Training & Development Opportunities

Concrete Ontario offers certification training courses, webinars and educational courses. All courses are led by experts and are tailored to meet the needs of the industry.

Find Your Course Become a Certified Concrete Delivery Professional

Submit a Career - Active Producer Members

Concrete Ontario Active (Producer) Members are invited to submit and post ready-mixed concrete job opportunities.

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