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What about the Concrete Industry makes it “An Industry that Cares”?

What about the Concrete Industry makes it “An Industry that Cares”?

January 21, 2022

The Concrete Industry is truly an industry that cares. Among other things, our members care about Safety, about Community, and about the Planet.

#SafetyMatters –

The Ontario Construction and Concrete Industries are very committed to safety. In fact the Concrete Ontario Association and its members truly believe that #SafetyMatters and the job isn’t done until all employees make it home safely every night. This means committed to your safety as a Concrete Delivery Professional and committed to the safety of other construction professionals and public around you. There are great details on this in the FAQ “What are the safety standards in the industry?”

The Concrete industry also provides leadership on safety through the construction industry through its voice at Concrete Ontario. Examples of Concrete-industry driven safety best practices can be found here: and also

#Camp Ooch & community-giving –
Childhood cancer changes lives. So does camp. Camp Ooch & Camp Trillium (merged in 2020) is a privately funded charity that brings laughter and joy to kids and families affected by childhood cancer. Year-round community, in-hospital and overnight camp programs deliver fun, friendship and a sense of community at any stage of a childhood cancer journey.
The ready-mixed concrete industry has been supporting Camp Oochigeas for over 37 years, with an incredible $820,000 donated over that time.

Even through the intense times of CoVID, our members have risen to the challenge and put community first. Whether it was continued support of Camp Oochigeas, donations of N95 masks to their local hospitals, supporting locations for CoVID vaccination clinics, extra donations to the food banks to those in need, or continued support of the MANY local charities to whom individual members offer support each and every year, don’t hesitate to ask your hiring producer member how they support their local community. They all will have great inspiring stories to tell.

#ConcreteFuture –

The Global Cement & Concrete industries have made transparent commitments to NetZero concrete by 2050. While other heavy or building material industries may be avoiding and/or denying this topic, we’re proud to be part of not only a global industry that has a committed path to a better planet, but also a Canadian Cement & Concrete industry who additionally has made a notable 2030 ambition for reduction of CO2 as well. We’re proud of our industry. Transparent. Committed. Resilient. Sustainable.

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