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What are the safety standards in the industry?

What are the safety standards in the industry?

January 21, 2022


The Ontario Construction and Concrete Industries are very committed to safety. In fact the Concrete Ontario Association and its members truly believe that #SafetyMatters and the job isn’t done until all employees make it home safely every night. This means committed to your safety as a Concrete Delivery Professional and committed to the safety of other construction professionals and public around you.

Examples of governing safety standards in the industry include:

  • Ministry of Labour regulations
  • WSIB regulations
  • IHSA regulations
  • Ministry of Transportation regulations

The Concrete industry also provides leadership on safety through the construction industry through its voice at Concrete Ontario. Examples of Concrete-industry driven safety best practices can be found here:

You can expect that you will be required to wear Personal Protective Equipment daily, including but potentially not limited to:

  • High-visibility safety vest
  • Approved steel toed boots
  • Protective eye wear
  • Approved hard hat

As a Concrete Delivery Professional for a Concrete Ontario member, your hiring producer will provide you with the safety training required to make sure you have the knowledge to keep you, your colleagues, our customers, and our communities safe.

Ask hiring producers directly for more details on their offering of safety training and equipment.

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