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Associate Member Webinar Series – FPrimeC Solutions Inc.

January 14, 2021

Applications of Nondestructive Testing in Concrete Construction

This webinar features how to utilize nondestructive testing for quality control and quality assurance in concrete construction. The presentation starts off with a brief review of the most common defects in concrete construction (production, placement, curing), followed by a review of NDT methods that can be used as alternative QA/QC methods. The focus of the presentation is the technical and practical review of existing nondestructive test methods, including a review of most recent use cases in Canada and around the globe.

Speaker, Dr. Hamed Layssi is a co-founder and structural engineer at FPrimeC Solutions Inc., a technology company specialized in advanced nondestructive testing and evaluation of concrete materials and structures. Over the past 15 years, he has been heavily involved with the concrete industry as a professional engineer, and researcher. He has an extensive academic background in structural evaluation, inspection, and repair of concrete structures. He holds a PhD from McGill University, Canada, ranked among 150 top researchers in Canada in 2018, and received the 2018 entrepreneurship award from the PEO, Ottawa Chapter.

PDF Presentation: Associate Member Webinar Series – FPrimeC Solutions Inc.

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