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Low Carbon Concrete in Ontario

September 21, 2022



The embodied carbon of concrete is currently the hottest topic in the industry. It is therefore no surprise that with the highly anticipated release of the Concrete Ontario Member Industry-Wide EPD for Ready-Mixed Concrete on July 29, 2022, Owners, Designers and Architects are very excited to have full transparency for the most commonly used concrete mixes in Ontario and their associated industry-average EPDs.

This webinar will focus on how the Ontario report was developed, the information it contains and how the information can be used to set and achieve carbon reduction goals in Ontario. Bart Kanters, P.Eng., MBA, President Concrete Ontario, and Alen Keri, P.Eng., Director of Technical Services Concrete Ontario, have been involved in the process of compiling the necessary information for the report from the beginning and will provide insight into the importance of EPDs and where the industry is heading with low carbon concrete. Furthermore, the webinar will also provide a preview of the Guideline for Specifying Low Carbon Concrete in Ontario which is a one-of-a-kind document. Specifying low carbon concrete requires a unique approach and understanding of performance-based specifications and this guideline explains the step-by-step process. In addition, it also includes an in-depth case study for an Ontario project to fully break down every aspect from project carbon budgeting to showcasing the actual carbon impact results for the project.


Low Carbon Concrete in Ontario

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