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International Women’s Day

March 4, 2022

March 8th marks International Women’s Day, and Concrete Ontario would like to take this opportunity to celebrate the growing number of women in the ready mixed concrete industry. The International Women’s Day movement raises awareness for women’s rights, and acknowledges the social, economic, cultural, and political contributions of women.

Although there is an increasing number of women exploring careers in the trades, construction and concrete, the overall representation of women in these industries remains low. The impacts of Covid-19 have presented further challenges, as employment trends have shown that a significant number of women have stepped back in their workplace rolls or left their jobs altogether due to the additional pressures of the pandemic.

It is clear that a lot more has to be done in order to encourage more women into the industry and make construction a more gender-balanced and diverse work environment. Concrete Ontario would like to share some of the stories and experiences of the amazing women working for our member companies, to raise awareness, and continue to support inclusive work cultures in our industry where women’s careers can thrive. We hope you join us as we work to take action for equality.

Concrete Ontario reached out to our members and asked if any of their female employees would be willing to answer some questions for us about their experiences working in the concrete industry. We were hoping to feature a few stories that highlighted women and their careers in concrete, and we are excited to report that we got an overwhelming response! Concrete Ontario would like to honor International Women’s Day by providing an overview of all of the submissions we received, and we will be following it up with more in-depth pieces, over the next nine weeks, to allow our members to really get to know the women that were willing to share their stories in this campaign.

Click here to view our participants and their stories!

Week 1 Video- Meet Laura, Kristin, Allysson, McKenzie, Dawn & Alanna 

Week 2 Video- Meet Alanna, Cassidy, Stamatina, Chris, Kim and Amanda 

Week 3 Video – Meet Jeanni, Alejandra, Janelle, Martha, Rahki and Samantha

Week 4 Video – Meet Emma, April, Jennifer and Nichole

Week 5 Video – Meet Kaitlin, Cathy, Dalia Anne and Karey

Week 6 Video – Meet Sarah, Camille, Mary and Trisha

Week 7 Video – Meet Helen

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