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Ontario Industry Average EPD Initiative Webinar

October 6, 2021

As the industry continues to evolve and try to address carbon reductions, more and more tools are becoming available to quantify the impact individual mix designs are having on structures. The primary tool that is currently available is the CRMCA Member Industry-Wide EPD for Canadian Ready-Mixed Concrete report which is valid for 5 years and will be expiring in January 2022. This leaves the ready-mixed industry without an industry average which has been widely requested by the federal government, architects, and consulting engineers. Concrete Ontario has been representing the industry on numerous external committees to support performance based low carbon requirements and is currently actively working with Athena to gather data to re-establish an exclusive Ontario Industry Average EPD report that can be used by all participating members.

This webinar was hosted by Concrete Ontario and Athena staff to outline the following:

  1. Where the industry is heading with EPDs
  2. Why members should participate in the Ontario EPD initiative
  3. What the timeline of the initiative is and how the updated report will look
  4. What exactly is required from members by Athena to put together the updated report

PDF Presentation: Ontario Industry Average EPD Initiative Webinar

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